Lurking in the background

Please let us know why you're here and if you know how to use a 3/8th Gripely to ream your trunnions square....
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Lurking in the background

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With things having been tightened up a bit around here I thought it would be best to give a bit of an intro about myself.

As guessed from my name, I am a person from the other forum who is still on there, but chose to remain anonymous. I signed up over here when it first came to this format to carry on reading the material of some of my favourite contributors who have made the shift over here after what happened earlier this year. Unfortunately it does feel noticeably different over there, but you've got a good thing going over here and the potential to recreate some of what has been lost on the other site recently.

Maybe I will post some motor related stuff in time, but the cars are being relatively well behaved and not particularly shit for now, despite their respective reputations for poor reliability and complete lack of appeal to the general public. Until then, I'll lurk in the background for now, whilst enjoying the results of Junkman's eBay searches and the cut and thrust of the (for lack of a better word) banter, which is draining from the other place more and more as time goes on.
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