Unbelievable brake master cylinder rebuild

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Re: Unbelievable brake master cylinder rebuild

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What a brilliant thread, when I saw the images of the cylinder after it’s removal from Mother Earth I thought it would never go again, superb work.
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Re: Unbelievable brake master cylinder rebuild

Post by angrydicky »

Good news, the A30 now has fully operational brakes and an excellent pedal. Phew.
I did have a bit of trouble though. Between the top of the master cylinder and the reservoir lid there’s a gasket to stop fluid leaking out. The original gasket was long gone and replaced with a homemade cereal box one which was broken. I’d run out of gasket paper so made another cereal box one. Fitted it, filled with fluid and the bloody thing was pissing out.
Took it off again and realised the bulk of the problem was that the gasket mating surface around the top of the reservoir was corroded and pitted.
So laid the master upside down on a piece of W&D on a nice flat surface, with old brake fluid for lubricant and rubbed it smooth.
Came out ok. Not perfect but good enough. It was terrible before so no surprise it was leaking.
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I then decided to check the threads in the master cylinder where the studs screw into and when I ran a tap down them, a load of rust and crud came out so I must have forgotten to tap them out before.

I then bought a proper rubber gasket for the reservoir, fitted it back on and it was dry as a bone this time. Thank fuck.
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